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Fly Casting on the St. Joe

Single to Switch to Spey. All in a day.

The goal of this FREE event is to demystify the art of fly fishing and casting. We have assembled the area’s best fly shops, best fly casters, and best local guides. They will provide explanations and hands-on instruction, plus the opportunity to try out the latest models from the major rod and line manufacturers. Additionally, we will offer the experience of casting from a drift boat or fishing kayaks.

We look forward to enjoying the day with you on the river.



  • Private Friday, August 1st, 2014 – Private lessons with Peter Humphreys and Jeff Liskay
  • Free Saturday, August 2nd, 2014 – All free demos / lessons / exhibits / booths by fly shops, guides, and manufacturers.

Great Lakes Spey Fest

SEPTEMBER 27th 2014
Hosted by:
The Great Lakes Fly Fishing Co.


February 8, 2014. Forrest, (Skeeter), Klott, of Heritage Angling Supply, will demonstrate Tube and Shank style flies. This demonstration will be from 11-4, and is free of charge. Stop by and watch Skeeter tie the latest in steelhead flies.

One Day Specialty Classes. These are focused on specific types of flies. A basic knowledge of tying is helpful, ifnot mandatory. These classes will meet once each, Sunday afternoon from 1-4pm. Bring your tools and thread, all other materials will be provided. Registration is necessary and tuition is $45. per class.

February 9, 2014. Pete Humphreys, will teach a tube fly class, including "Temple Dog" utilizing different body styles and wing construction, and a smaller, "low water" style tube.
Pete' a member of the prestigious advisory team for; Sage, Rio, and Redington, and is a pro staff member for Heritage Angling Supply. Pete has fished for anadramous fish from Norway to British Columbia, and an FFF instructor with Two Handed and Master certifications. He is a popular Muskegon River guide and instructor, specializing in Spey casts and swinging for steelhead.

February 16,2014. Gary Kalinka, will teach a "Skagit Minnow Shizzle" and a "Great Lakes style Intruder". These flies should be in every steelheader's box. History, design theory, and usage will be discussed as well.
Gary has been tying for almost 40 years, both for personal use and commercial. Gary's style comes from the tutelage of the great Pacific Northwest steelheaders, including direct study with Mike Kinney and Paul Miller. He has been the personal tyer for Master Rod Builder, R.B. Meiser. He is a member of Team Nexcast, and, as a Spey caster has competed in competitions including the W orld Championships at the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club.

February 23, 2014. Tom Allerton will teach Classic Spey and Dee flies. These will be tied on "blind eyed" hooks, and the techniques covered will include: attaching the "gut" eye, (a substitute for silk gut will be used, making a more durable fishing fly while retaining the "look"), proportion, attaining a smooth silk floss body, hackling, setting the wing, thread control and management. .. etc. these techniques will improve every fly you tie, once mastered.
Tom is a talented tyer and instructor from Northern Michigan who produces, (and fishes), works of art from his vise. Tom's knowledge of fly history and design is combined with unsurpassed communication/teaching skills, providing a rare opportunity for his students.