Shumakov Style Tube Bodies

Shumakov style Long Range and Skittle  tube bodies are a great way to add weight and balance to tube flies, especially those tube flies tied with larger, more full wings or when using heavier double or treble hook systems.   These tube bodies are machined from brass with grooves cut into the rear portion allowing you to paint in contrasting bands of color for extra attraction.  As with our other components, these bodies marry perfectly with 1.8mm Euro-Tubing with out the need for any sort of modification and machined on the back end to accept junction tubing.

Skittle Tube Bodies

When the water is running high, Skittle tubes are a great choice as they add .85 grams or 13.11 grains of weight to your pattern.  This is just enough weight to sink a sparse to moderately dressed tube like a rock especially when fished on a sink tip, yet not so heavy that they are unwieldy when cast on a long monofilament leader and floating line.  The conical front end also acts as a base to support the wings when tied in the Templedog style.

Silver Black Gold
Silver Skittle Black Skittle Gold Skittle

Long Range Tube Bodies

Long Range tubes are fantastic when you need just a bit more weight to get the fly down and an excellent choice when tying patterns with a slimmer, more sparse profile for low water conditions.  These bodies weigh in at .66 grams or 9.25 grains.

Silver Black Gold
Long Range Long Range Long Range Gold

Gold Bottle Tube

7mm 10mm 13mm
7mm Gold Bottle Tube 10mm Gold Bottle Tube 13mm Gold Bottle Tube

Classic Shanks

Not only are these great for Intruder style flies, they'll lend themselves to anything that would be normally tied on a standard hook but with the benefit of using a short shank hook of your choosing. With the use of a short shank, a fish has a lot less leverage to work against you with in comparrison with a streamer tied on say a 4x or 6x long shank hook.

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Classic Shanks

.80mm ga x 25mm

1.0mm ga x 25mm

1.0mm ga x 35mm

1.0mm ga x 45mm

1.2mm ga x 45mm