Tube Fly Tying

Tube flies are nothing new to European and Scandinavian anglers, having been used in their waters for many years by those targeting sea trout and Atlantic salmon. In the last decade, tube flies have become increasingly popular on this side of the Atlantic for salmon, steelhead and trout, as well as both warm and saltwater species. In addition to this website being a way to check out our line of products, we also intend for it to be educational as well and hopefully take some of the mystery out of tying tube flies. Our Tying Tube Flies page has detailed step by step instructions for tying tube flies of various styles. We also have examples of productive tube fly patterns for spey fishing in the Photos section.

Here is a step by step for tying a classic Temple Dog pattern.

Step 1

1) Cut a length of 3mm Euro tubing and 1.8mm Euro tubing. Maybe about 1.0" for the 3mm and about 1.5" or so for the 1.8mm. I like to have a little extra room to work with on the front end.

Step 2

2)Melt back one end of the 3mm tube and get the 1.8mm started in it. Then apply a bit of Superglue or Zap-A-Gap to the 1.8mm tube and push it into the 3mm about a half inch or so. I like the Superglue with a brush on applicator. Then give the 1.8mm tube another brush of the glue and add a cone of your choice and butt it up the tubing. This will be the foundation of for the wings and will help give the fly "shoulders" with a large profile using minimal materials.

Step 3

3) Start your thread and tie in a clump of fox tail for the first wing. The combination of the fox and cone will help support the other two wings. Only three or four wraps of thread are needed, then brush the Superglue on about an inch of your thread and secure the wing. Cut the butt ends close with a razor blade.

Step 4/5

4&5) Add Flashabou over and to the sides of the first wing and add a Schlappen collar.

Step 6

6) Add second wing using Templedog. Make this wing about 25% longer than the 1st wing. Again, brush some Superglue onto the thread and secure the wing into place. Trim close with the razor blade.

Step 7

7) Add second mix of Flashabou. Using the mix of rainbow and lime/chart you get a combination of several colors in the wing.

Step 8

8) Add third wing of Templedog. Superglue on the thread again to secure the wing and trim close with razor.

Step 9

9) Wrap second Schlappen collar and add Jungle cock eyes if you like.

Step 10

10) Brush a bit more Superglue onto the thread and finish the head. Then add a Turbo Disc, trim the tubing close to the cone (about 1/16-1/8 of an inch) and melt it back to finish the fly.