Tube flies are nothing new to European and Scandinavian anglers, having been used in their waters for many years by those targeting sea trout and Atlantic salmon.  In the last decade, tube flies have become increasingly popular on this side of the Atlantic for salmon, steelhead and trout, as well as both warm and saltwater species. 

Heritage Angling Products Euro Tubing is extruded from a very durable polymer that will remain flexible in the sometimes near freezing water temperatures that are often encountered by anglers targeting salmon and steelhead.  They come in a complete spectrum of brilliant colors with two sizes that fit perfectly together.

One of the more frustrating things that tiers new to tube flies encounter when getting started is "which size tubing fits with which?".  This system is very simple:  two sizes of tubing (1.8mm and 3mm) that may be used in conjunction or separately of each other.  The 1.8mm tubing can also be used with junction tubing when fishing with double or treble hooks. 

1.8mm Tubing

Black Chartruse Clear
1/8mm Black 1/8mm Chartruse 1/8mm Clear
Flo. Orange Starter Kit Flo. Red
FR Starter Kit Fl Red

3.0mm Glitter Tubing

Silver Rainbow Pink Silver Red
Silver Rainbow Pink Silver Red
Purple Green Red
Purple Green Red

3.0mm Tubing

Black Blue Clear
Black 3/0 3.0mm Blue Clear3.0mm
Chartruse Flo. Orange Flo. Red
FC 3.0 3.0mm FO FR
Flo. Pink Glow Dark Green Fl. Green
FPink Glow in Dark 3/0mm F.Green
Silver Doctor Blue
  3/0mm Silver DOG